About Dede

DEDE was brought into the world to give single mothers in Georgia a voice, to support them in their daily life and to make visible to the public that single mothers exist in Georgia.

We do not want it but it is, unfortunately, a reality: there are mothers who have to raise children on their own. And most of the time in very precarious situations. Some single mothers can count on support from their families and some do not even have this resource to count on.

There is a state program for single parents but not every single mother can take advantage of it. Why? On this web site, some of the questions around single mothers in Georgia shall be answered, some questions will be newly raised and, hopefully, some rumors and lies shall be erased from the minds of the readers.

May you consider reading DEDE Blog regularly by visiting this web site from time to time. Comment on the blog articles, write us emails with your questions and information or requests and be open to understand and talk about single mothers in Georgia in your community as well as with friends and family.

There will also be a possibility to subscribe for a newsletter. Newsletters shall be sent out in Georgian Language, English and German Language as of March 2024.
Send us an email to dede@moefoundation.org with a request to add your email address to the newsletter.

DEDE is here to find out about the lives of single mothers and their children in Georgia, Caucasus.

DEDE is a medium for single mothers to express their needs and have their voices heard.

DEDE seeks relief of sorrows and problems as well as psychological stress single mothers and their children face in Georgia.