Q & A

The daily life of mothers who raise their children alone is very hard. And Georgia is a poor country.

Q: I would like to support the program DEDE. How can I do this?
A; There are different ways of supporting the program DEDE. You may share some of your knowledge, do volunteer work and you can also donate money.

Q: Is there a work holiday program in Georgia for the work with single mothers and their children?

A: In 2024, we are actually starting to put up a work holiday program. There will be summer stays in Georgian villages but there will also be city stays which include repair work on houses/apartments. Planned are work holidays from 2 weeks till 3 months. If you are interested, please write us an email with the reference “WORK HOLIDAY PROGRAM”. Write us a little about yourself and what you are willing to offer. We will then contact you to see if we can find a common ground. Send your mail to bepart@moefoundation.org

Q: Can I help with texts?
A: Yes, we always need good souls who help us with translating texts, be it from German or English into Georgian or be it to write texts in Georgian and English language.

Q: I am a student and am looking for a possibility to write my thesis in Georgia. Can you help me with it?
A: Depending on the subject and your ideas, we can work out something together. Write us about your ideas.

Q: I am a professional journalist. Is there a possibility that I can come to Georgia in order to make a report?
A: You are very welcome to come to Georgia and visit us here. You may accompany us on our home visits, street work, events and tours. However, we need to discuss the focus and the goal before we get started. Let us know what is on your mind. Let’s work together on a good project!

Q; I live in Georgia. I like your project and I would like to support it. How can I be of help?A: We need voluntary help during the mother’s meetings. You can participate in home visits. You can encourage people to donate or to participate in the program. Whatever you can and are willing to do is very welcome. Contact us to find out more about DEDE.

Q: How can I donate money for DEDE, the program for single mothers in Georgia?
A: Your donation is very much appreciated. DEDE is a program of MOE Foundation Georgia. The money you donate will arrive on the account of MOE Foundation.
By indicating “Donation DEDE” on your payment text, you make sure the money is exclusively used for food donations, clothes, repairs, furniture, education programs and DEDE meetings for single mothers and their children.
Details on how to transfer money, you can find here.